If you are ready for change and feel completely overwhelmed about where to start, you are not alone!  Envision 2020 is an eight-day series to help identify needed areas of change, the vision for what life will look like after the change and the steps to take to get there.  Here’s what’s covered in this free series:

  • An honest assessment of where we currently are in different areas of our lives
  • Developing our vision for our lives
  • Uncovering why what we envision is so important
  • Determining what we value
  • Revisiting our gifts and talents
  • Being realistic about road bumps we might find along the way
  • Setting definable goals
  • Creating a visual to keep in front of us

Whether you desire to focus on your physical health, your emotional well being, or financial hangups, mindset, reasons to really pursue our goals, and how to form a plan is all covered.