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15 years of combined business experience with Young Living. 7 rank-ups. 2 religions. 6 moves. 7 children. 1 strong friendship filled with countless business and life lessons. This is the story of Dory, Niccole, and Inspired Sharing.

Meet Niccole

For 2.5 years, I researched essential oils and essential oil companies, and I finally decided to enroll in March of 2012 after looking my patient enroller in the face and saying, “I will never share Young Living.” As a busy mom of three homeschooled kids (we’ve since added a fourth), a husband that worked long hours, and the confidence of a chandelier hung by a shoestring, I didn’t think I was capable of being an entrepreneur.

A year after becoming a YL member, a woman I knew through church asked me to teach an essential oils workshop at her home, and I declined the invitation. When she asked again, I reached out to my enroller and we went to co-teach a workshop. Fourteen people enrolled with a starter kit, and many of those people also joined Essential Rewards that night. After the class, I went out to my car, drove down the road a bit, pulled over, put my head on the steering wheel and cried. People came to listen to what I had to say, and I felt a sense of purpose in my passion for wellness.

The following month, in June 2013, Young Living hosted their International Grand Convention and I knew that I had to see the farm. We didn’t have the finances for me to go but I was determined and became very resourceful. I used the money from my first check, sold t-shirts and bags, and listed things for sale in the classifieds.

While I was determined to see the farm, I still was not confident that the business was for me. At convention, I heard Adam Green, Royal Crown Diamond, speak on the three steps to success (which, of course, I will share with you), and though he made the business sound doable to me as a Senior Star, I still was not confident in my decision to do network marketing.

Then I was able to experience Young Living’s farm in Mona, Utah, where I had a life-changing moment in the hyssop test field. It was in that field that it became clear that I was being invited to share the story of God’s spoken provision in nature, through plants and my experiences with essential oils.

While still at the farm, I began to call friends and family members, and share that they had to hear about the power and efficacy of essential oils, and I asked them to host a workshop for me. My passion was obvious, and over the next 6 weeks, I taught 14 classes and earned the rank of Silver. Within 15 months, I earned the rank of Platinum and within 26 months, I was a Diamond leader.

Since earning the title of a Diamond leader, I have been focused on inspiring others to pursue their goals and vision, while working with builders in my organization. Our community is thriving as our team pursues wellness, purpose, and abundance.

Meet Dory

I joined Young Living in August 2014, after 3 months of researching and asking questions about oils to my enroller and sponsor. I wanted to understand why Young Living was marketed as a network marketing model and why I needed to get the full kit. And throughout that research phase, I continued to resist the business side of it.

Well, once my oils were in my hands, I saw how they worked for my family, including my 10 month old twins. It was then that I realized that I had inevitably been sharing and teaching about essential oils, just by talking about my experiences to my friends. I decided to borrow a script and teach my first class. Within a month, one class turned into four. By November, I was a Senior Star, and by May 2015, I was an Executive.

I achieved Silver just 5 months after first becoming an Executive, and although I maintained for 3 months, I fell into a common trap and burned out. In January 2016, I was thrilled to have earned Silver Retreat, but I lost my drive and consistency and took the month off. One month turned into more.

2016 was a difficult year in my business. Once I lost my momentum, it was hard to build up that consistency again. I suffered a series of setbacks, and I would have been justified in walking away. For a moment, I nearly caved to those challenges and self-pity, but I didn’t. We all have excuses and setbacks, but it was my decision and conscious effort to move forward.

Those experiences taught me to lean on my Young Living friends and connections I had made. I came to understand how powerful this business could be, not just because of the paycheck, but also because of the relationships that came from the experience. Young Living wasn’t just a product and a way to structure a business, but it brought together people who all had an idea (wellness) at different levels, and we could work with and learn from each other.

Towards the end of 2016, as I regained my Silver rank and began working towards Gold and beyond, I realized that focusing on the people in my organization was the key. I began listening, asking questions, comprehending, coaching, and instilling confidence.

I published my first book Oil Share Repeat in 2018. It was a compilation of the business knowledge that I had gathered up to that point. It was what the field needed - a simple, repeatable, and heart-centered business guide. Within a couple years, it had sold 35K copies and became a standard business book for much of the field.

I followed that book up with The Essentials, a book that I co-authored with Niccole and was the welcome book that our industry had been missing. It included essential oils, supplements, ditch & switch concepts, and amazing recipes. But the basis of it all was the why and how you can live a life inspired with the Young Living product lines as a toolkit.

In 2020, my husband and I wrote and published What's That Smell, Mommy? which is a rhyming picture book that introduces easy ways to remember how we can use oils from different plants. It also takes it one step further with empowerment on ingredient choices and recipes for at-home fun.

2021 was a wild and exciting ride with the publication of the complete rewrite of Oil Share Repeat and the brand-neutral entrepreneurship book Live Share Repeat as well as the complete rewrite of The Essentials to be published in the 2nd half of the year.

I am a real person. I am doing all of this with a husband, twin homeschooling kiddos, two dogs, a home, and an RV. I have found my calling in entrepreneurship and making my own way, writing my own rules, and living the life I dreamed as a child. 

About Inspired Sharing

It started with the mutual need for resources that we could share with our teams to teach them about the business of Young Living. Things that weren't overwhelming but also had enough information and systems to get members excited and on the path towards their own success. We wrote the books, talking for hours each day for 3 months while we wrote, rewrote, organized, and debated key points.

While writing "Oil Share Repeat" and "Propel," we also had a lot of time to reflect on our friendship and what makes it unique. We have an upline/downline relationship, but there are even more similarities to a crossline friendship because of how we both teach and learn from the other. Ours is not a relationship of hierarchy, because we both bring immense gifts to the table.

It was because of this realization that Inspired Sharing was born, out of the knowledge that we have friends, teammates, and other leaders that are broken, hurt, motivated, and looking for community. Inspired Sharing is a place where you can go for that - your dose of inspiration and motivation.

A community is only as strong as its members, and so each person in I.S. has the ability to make each other stronger, tear them down, or stay at the status quo. A flower cannot grow without water and soil. Inspired Sharing can provide that water and soil. But a flower still has to do the work to push out of the soil and be open to the sunlight.

Are you ready to join us?

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