Empowered Wellness Plan Bundle
Empowered Wellness Plan Bundle
Empowered Wellness Plan Bundle
Empowered Wellness Plan Bundle
Empowered Wellness Plan Bundle

Empowered Wellness Plan Bundle

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BRAND PARTNERS: When you are running your Young Living business, your focus is on your customers for their education. With the launch of the new shopping platform and ease for customers to create their own bundles, it's both freeing and can also be a little overwhelming. We have taken the guesswork out of it!

We have created 3 months of orders for you and your customers, each focused on a specific goal. Each Empowered Wellness Plan gives:

  • an introductory note
  • the ordering plan with different budgets in mind
  • product tips
  • lifestyle education
  • suggestions for next steps towards optimal health

With this purchase of the Empowered Wellness Plan Download Bundle, you have access to the following:

  • All Empowered Wellness Plans (EWPs), each in its own PDF
  • Project Broadcast & Get Oiling bundle codes (automatic text reminders for monthly orders - your "Easy Button")
  • The rights to share an individual plan with your customers
  • A postcard template to send to your customers
  • Social media graphics for Instagram Stories and posts
  • A trifold brochure that you can print and distribute to encourage participation and interest
  • COMING SOON: Further education via text bundle codes for each EWP ("textable classes")

This is a one-time purchase. Future updates to this bundle will be emailed to the email address on file at no additional cost. Updates may be product price changes, new products, etc, as they fit into each plan.

We know you are taking your business seriously because you are purchasing this bundle. It is the culmination of hundreds of hours of education, training, research, and work. We thank you for honoring our intellectual property by not sharing, copying, or replicating any part of this material (including bundle codes), outside of an individual plan with a customer for personal use.


Check out the titles that you will get in this bundle:

  • Aging Gracefully (mature adults, focusing on brain and body health)
  • All the Feels (emotional balance and health)
  • Babies & Tots (newborns to toddlers)
  • Breathe Easy (respiratory health)
  • Better Out Than In (petrochemical cleanse)
  • Bun in the Oven (pregnancy)
  • Be-YOU-tiful Skin (skincare and makeup)
  • Counting Sheep (sleep)
  • Core Supplements (foundational nutrition)
  • Drain Your Lymph (lymphatic health)
  • Focus Pocus (focus and concentration)
  • For the Gals (women's hormones)
  • For the Fellas (men's health)
  • Furry Friends (pets and animals)
  • Healthy Home (detoxing your home)
  • It's Your Gut (digestive health)
  • It's Your Health (immune support)
  • It's Your Kid (toddlers and children)
  • Inhale, Exhale (mindfulness)
  • Pep in Your Step (energy)
  • Pump It Up (fitness)
  • Special Developmental Need (special needs)
  • Transformational Detox (whole body detox)
  • Tweens & Teens (prepubescent and teenagers)
  • Under the Covers (sex and romance)


The Empowered Wellness Plans were created and published by Dory Doyle, Jerri-Anne Joyner, Kristi Zittle, Stacey Vincent, and Stephanie Potter and are sold through an agreement with Inspired Sharing.

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