Empowered Wellness Plan - Individual
Empowered Wellness Plan - Individual
Empowered Wellness Plan - Individual

Empowered Wellness Plan - Individual

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Want to take control of your health? Download an individual Empowered Wellness Plan to get a 3 month list of what you can order to focus on one of these goals:

  • Aging Gracefully (mature adults, focusing on brain and body health)
  • All the Feels (emotional balance and health)
  • Babies & Tots (newborns to toddlers)
  • Breathe Easy (respiratory health)
  • Better Out Than In (petrochemical cleanse)
  • Bun in the Oven (pregnancy)
  • Be-YOU-tiful Skin (skincare and makeup)
  • Counting Sheep (sleep)
  • Core Supplements (foundational nutrition)
  • Drain Your Lymph (lymphatic health)
  • Focus Pocus (focus and concentration)
  • For the Gals (women's hormones)
  • For the Fellas (men's health)
  • Furry Friends (pets and animals)
  • Healthy Home (detoxing your home)
  • It's Your Gut (digestive health)
  • It's Your Health (immune support)
  • It's Your Kid (toddlers and children)
  • Inhale, Exhale (mindfulness)
  • Pep in Your Step (energy)
  • Pump It Up (fitness)
  • Special Developmental Need (special needs)
  • Transformational Detox (whole body detox)
  • Tweens & Teens (prepubescent and teenagers)
  • Under the Covers (sex and romance)

When you order an individual plan, you will only receive the print-quality PDF of the plan.



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The Empowered Wellness Plans were created and published by Dory Doyle, Jerri-Anne Joyner, Kristi Zittle, Stacey Vincent, and Stephanie Potter and are sold through an agreement with Inspired Sharing.

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